Mac geek since 1984 — and I’ve got the Inside Macintosh phone book edition to prove it. Currently I run TouchCentric, a company focused on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry mobile app development.

Before that I was CTO of Avacast Corporation, CTO of Digital Planet, VP of Engineering at iXL Los Angeles, and a founder of the Blip Internet Playground.

I’ve written three books about Macs: the best-selling Mac Shareware 500, Mac Programmer’s Cookbook, and the Mac Web Server Book. For a brief time I wrote product reviews for MacWorld.

In 2006 I started a company called Stinkbot, which sells the TubeSock YouTube to iPod converter, for both Mac OS X and Windows. Stinkbot has since branched out into iPhone games.

My one lasting contribution to the Mac universe was Let1kWindowsBloom, a five-line app I threw together to test the speed of the original Mac OS X beta. After it was mentioned on Macintouch, I received hundreds of hate emails. That was nine years ago. Recently I saw some web site using it to benchmark Snow Leopard. It will never die. Get your own copy here.All the rest you need to know is at http://www.vgg.com/rob.

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